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EAFL MMA Cage Ring

The Future Fights Here

EAFL MMA Cage Ring

The Future Fights Here

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EAFL sponsors supporting our mission to provide the best experience and exposure for amateur MMA athletes 

Emerging EAFL Alumni

See EAFL Alum Kyle “Gunz Up” Stewart of the Arizona Appollos take it to his opponent in the EAFL Season X. Kyle fought in Dana White’s Contender Series and UFC 240 Fight Night Brooklyn

Watch Ricky “The Iron Monkey” Furar of team Indiana, put away his EAFL opponent in Season X. Ricky recently won his debut bout in Bellator MMA 201.

Check out Kalieo Romero’s dominating performance over Justin O’Connor

Here’s Jornel “A1” Lugo of the Florida Force. Jornel recently won his debut bout in Bellator MMA 232

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Frankie Saenz on the EAFL

What I love about the EAFL, is it brings professionalism at the amateur level

Frankie Saenz – UFC bantam weight Professional

TV Exposure for the BEST Amateur Fighters in the Country

BEST noun


“hand-picked, elite amateur combat fighters who are: Innovative, Fearless, Unrelenting & Devoted”

The Elite Difference


Fighters in the Elite Amateur Fight League are treated like the Elite athletes they are. The league supplies a fair and nationally competitive environment to showcase your skill in front of television audiences. We offer the benefit of this competition with no additional costs to the athlete.


Paid air and ground travel
Paid lodging for fighters
Concierge service for fighter needs during fight week
Media coaching and guidance
National level exposure
Produced Interview segments for each fighter
Continued media support during the fighters career


We are changing the game and helping build the most talented fighters into marketable athletes to add immediate value to the pro ranks while increasing the fighters personal value as an independent brand.


“The Future Fights Here”

Benson Henderson cornered the Arizona Apollos