Our goal is to partner with successful promotions to create a national platform for elite level amateur fighters to compete against each other while being provided the support, exposure and experience other elite level amateur athletes receive in other sports and supplying a one stop shop for fans to watch the best amateur talent in the country.


Fighters will be recognized as the top amateur fighter in their weight class and will represent their gym and state.

Fighters will have the opportunity to compete against the best amateurs in the country to become a national champion.

Fighters will be able to travel with expenses paid to showcase their skills across the country.

With Web and TV exposure, the fighters will receive the same type of exposure that NCAA athletes receive.


Applicants must:

  • have competed in 3 or more recorded sanctioned amateur bouts
  • currently hold an amateur status
  • Applicants must currently live or train full time in the state of team they are applying for
  • All applicants will be allowed to train in their home gym but must be willing to participate in team training events
  • Fighters must be willing to participate in all team promotions and non fight events, such as photo shoots, TV & Radio Interviews, appearances etc. All applicants must complete the applicant questionnaire. 

We are currently accepting applications for amateur MMA teams in Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, California, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and Indiana.


Have what it takes?

If you meet all of the necessary qualifications and think you can hang with the best mixed martial artists in the country, complete the application and see if you truly have what it takes.

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